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Strengthen privileged account security with automated password resets

Rotate remote resource passwords periodically. Automatically assign strong passwords.

  • Automatically reset and randomize remote resource passwords. Rotate passwords periodically with scheduled tasks.
  • Assign strong passwords during an automated reset by predefining complex password policies as needed.
  • Remotely reset and manage passwords for a wide range of target systems, including Windows, Windows domain, Linux, IBM AIX, HP UNIX, Solaris, Mac OS, VMWare ESXi, MS SQL server, MySQL server, Oracle DS server, Sybase ASE, HP ProCurve, HP iLO, Cisco devices (IOS, CatOS, and PIX), Juniper Netscreen, and other online services such as AWS, GApps, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace.
  • Implement routine rotation for even your most difficult password updates, including Application-to-Application (A-to-A) or Application-to-Database passwords. Eliminate hard-codes and manual updates entirely.

Optional agent-based password resets over secure one-way communications.

  • Carry out agent-based resource password resets, even when you don't have the required administrative credentials in Password Manager Pro.
  • Deploy agents to change Windows resources' passwords directly from a Linux system, without risking your security.
  • Effect password resets over a secure HTTPS communication for resources without direct connectivity, such as those in DMZ locations or with firewall restrictions.

Extensive support for non-supported systems. Using custom connectors.

  • Reset passwords for any target systems that are not supported out of the box by Password Manager Pro with custom connectors.
  • Use Password Reset Listeners to execute required follow-up actions after password resets, such as restarting dependent services.
  • Create custom listeners with your own scripts to reset network device account passwords.

Windows service account password management. Simplified.

  • Easily reset passwords for Windows infrastructure and other service accounts, local admin accounts and domain admin accounts.
  • Identify all service accounts associated with a particular domain account and automatically reset their passwords whenever the domain password is changed.

Refine password resets with integrations, custom criteria, and workflows.

  • Mandate that users provide a reason when requesting password access. If necessary, release passwords for a specified time frame and instantly reset after use.
  • Set expiration dates for passwords to automatically reset. Instantly randomize passwords upon change or removal of user share permissions for that password.
  • Send email notifications to select users for scheduled password resets both before and after the change.
  • Integrate Password Manager Pro with your help desk system. Require users to provide a valid ticket ID for verification of required permissions before approving password reset attempts.
  • Capture all user password reset actions on audit trails. Generate custom reports that showcase lists of modified passwords, including reset history.

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