Integrating Password Manager Pro with other ManageEngine Products

Integrating different IT functionalities enables determining, accessing and sharing the best available features among the available key IT management solutions. Though it's not essential to integrate each IT function with one another, doing it contextually eliminates duplicate actions and redundancies, thereby improving efficiency.

Password Manager Pro offers robust, native integrations with industry-leading apps from ManageEngine to manage the shared sensitive information such as account credentials, passwords, etc. Password Manager Pro integration dismisses the need for your password users to spend much time bungling with login screens and allows them to concentrate on what matters. It eliminates the need to manually update & maintain the credentials individually in each ManageEngine product, as Password Manager Pro exclusively takes care of performing the periodic password rotation of all such credentials and updating the same in the native products.

The scope and benefits of integration differ based on the product integrated and its functionalities. Still, the basic idea behind the integration is to manage shared sensitive information such as account credentials, passwords, etc. Read further to know about how the integration works for each product.

ManageEngine Products Integrated with Password Manager Pro

Password Manager Pro integrates with the below products:

  1. ManageEngine Servicedesk Plus (SDP)
  2. ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus (ADSSP)
  3. ManageEngine Analytics Plus

Navigate to Admin >> Integration >> ManageEngine. You will see a consolidated view of all ManageEngine products integrated with Password Manager Pro:

    Only the users with theĀ ManageEngine IntegrationĀ role will see the ManageEngine option under Integration.