Steps to remove High Availability(MS SQL server as backend database)

  • In Windows, right-click the PMP tray icon and then click "Exit"
  • Shutdown both Password Manager Pro primary and secondary services, if running
  • IMPORTANT : Take a copy of the entire Password Manager Pro installation folder before applying the upgrade pack and keep it in some other location. If something goes wrong with the PMP upgrade, you can rely on the copy. All your settings will remain intact. Additionally, take a backup of the PMP database.
  • Login to MS SQL Server management studio and delete the following files/folders as explained in the screenshots below:

In-order to stop replication, PMP requires the 'subscriptions' and 'publications' related to PMP replication data be deleted AND 'publishing and distribution' be disabled. To do these, carry out the steps below:

Deleting Subscription

First, navigate to Replication >> Local Publications >> <Name of PMP database:PMP-HA>. You will see a file with <PMP server name>. <Name of PMP database>. Right click the file and press 'Delete' in the menu.

Deleting Publication

Then, navigate to Replication >> Local Publications >> <Name of PMP database:PMP-HA>. Right click the folder <Name of PMP database:PMP-HA> and press 'Delete' in the menu.

Disabling Publishing & Distribution

Then, right click the 'Replication' folder and click the option "Disable Publishing and Distribution"

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