Integration with Trusted Public Certificate Authorities

Password Manager Pro facilitates end-to-end life cycle management of certificates issued by public certificate authorities. This functionality, powered through seamless API integration with third-party certificate authorities, allows administrators to request, acquire, consolidate, deploy, renew, and track the life cycles of certificates in a centralized fashion directly from the Password Manager Pro's web interface. Password Manager Pro currently supports complete life cycle management of certificates issued by the following certificate authorities: Let's Encrypt, GoDaddy, Thawte, Symantec, RapidSSL, Geotrust, Sectigo (formerly Comodo CA), DigiCert, GlobalSign.

Note: While Password Manager Pro leverages the open APIs of Let's Encrypt and GoDaddy to establish a connection, the tie-in with rest of the certificate authorities is powered through an integration with The SSL Store™ , a platinum partner of the above mentioned certificate authorities.

Click the below links for the step-by-step description of the end-to-end certificate life cycle management of the relevant public certificate authority.

The flow diagram below gives a quick overview of how the integration works and the necessary steps to acquire and manage certificates issued by public certificate authorities using Password Manager Pro.

  1. Request
  2. Raise requests for certificates from public certificate authorities using the built-in CSR generation tool.

  3. Forward
  4. Forward the request to the certificate authority for domain verification.

  5. Validate
  6. Complete the domain control validation procedure. Acquire and import the issued certificates to Password Manager Pro's certificate repository.

  7. Deploy
  8. Deploy the certificates to their corresponding end-servers.

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