Smart Card Authentication


If your organization has a smart cards/ PKI/ certificates authentication system, then you can easily configure ADSelfService Plus to authenticate users through it during login. The smart card will serve as a first factor authentication option for ADSelfService Plus users in addition to the Windows domain username and password.


When users attempt to access ADSelfService Plus's web console, they would be allowed to proceed further only after completing smart card authentication in their machine, i.e., by presenting the smart card and subsequently entering the PIN.

Users can still login using their Windows domain username and password even if the smart card option is enabled. If two-factor authentication is enabled, users will be taken to the second-factor authentication page after completing the smart card authentication.


Steps to configure smart card authentication:





Configuration steps:


Managing smart card authentication configurations:


After you have added a smart card for authentication, you can perform any of the following functions:


Add a new smart card


To add a new smart card, follow the steps given below:


Edit a configured smart card


To edit a configured smart card, follow the steps given below:

Enable/disable a smart card


Delete a configured smart card


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