Password Strengtheners


This feature provides you with a set of rules that you can impose onto the end-users while they configure their passwords. These rules are intended to increase the security of the user passwords.



Configuring Password Strengtheners


Enforce Password Strength Level :

As the name suggests, this feature apprizes the end-users of their password strength. It does so with the help of a feature by the name of Password Strength Analyzer.


While working with Password Strength Analyzer, you are granted with the option of choosing the password strength level from the list of available choices (strong, good, weak & too short)



Force Users To Change Password At Next-Logon:

Another way of securing a user's password is to force them to change it at regular intervals. A user would be required to change his password whenever he avails himself of the "Password Reset" service, that is, on his next logon into the application following the Password Reset operation.


Configuring Password Strengtheners


Password Strengtheners listed above can be configured by

  1. Clicking on the "Advanced" icon against a Self-Service policy.

  2. From the Pop-Up click on the "Reset & Unlock" tab


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