Password reset tickets
can prove to be more expensive
than you thought!


On average,
one password reset
ticket can cost $70

Eliminate password reset tickets  

Active Directory self-service password reset tool

Password reset tickets: the bane of both IT teams and end users. When the number of password reset tickets increases, IT teams often push more critical issues down the queue so users don't have to put their work on hold for too long while their passwords are reset. When left unchecked, password reset tickets can become expensive; since close to 30% of all help desk tickets can be attributed to forgotten passwords, it's unsurprising that several large businesses have spent over $1 million trying to resolve password-related help desk calls.

ADSelfService Plus is a self-service password management and single sign-on tool that enables users to reset their passwords on their own, without IT assistance, saving time and resources. With ADSelfService Plus you can self-service password resets for Microsoft 365, GSuite, and many more cloud or on-prem applications.

Why choose
ADSelfService Plus'
self-service (SSPR)
password reset tool?

Conditional access in ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus analyzes user risk factors and ensures that high-risk users face tougher or more authentication steps and low-risk users have an easier time while resetting their passwords. Admins can allow or restrict based on the users':

  • IP address source
  • Device type
  • Access time
  • Access request location

IP address source


Device type


Access time


Access request location

Stringent multi-factor authentication techniques
(MFA) to secure password resets

ADSelfService Plus enables admins to trigger a preconfigured authentication workflow once users initiate a password reset. It offers over 18 authentication techniques including biometrics and YubiKey to authenticate users during SSPR and account unlock. Some users have access to sensitive business data, and if their accounts are cracked by a malicious hacker, it can lead to disastrous consequences. To combat this, ADSelfService Plus offers admins the option to enforce different authentication flows for different types of users.

When paired with conditional access, ADSelfService Plus can be configured to adapt to various risk factors and add or reduce authentication prompts to enhance the user experience without impacting security.


A self-service password reset tool for Active Directory, G Suite, and more.

Security Questions and Answers Email Verification SMS Verification Google Authenticator Microsoft Authenticator Duo Security RSA SecurID RADIUS Authentication Push Notification Authentication

ADSelfService Plus offers


A complete list of authenticators supported by ADSelfService Plus

Fingerprint/Face ID Authentication QR Code-Based Authentication TOTP Authentication SAML Authentication AD Security Questions YubiKey Authentication Zoho OneAuth TOTP Authentication Smart Card Authentication Custom TOTP Authenticator

How ADSelfService Plus enables enterprise self-service password reset for Windows

How ADSelfService Plus enables enterprise self-service password reset for Windows

Supported Platforms

ADSelfService Plus supports multiple platforms including


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