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Virtual private networks (VPNs) have now become the de facto method for users to securely access resources in the organization’s intranet when they're located outside the office. While VPNs promote better connectivity for organizations, they also give rise to new security challenges for IT teams.

Enterprises consider VPNs to be one of the most important security technologies. However, as most VPN solutions only require user credentials for logging in, they are highly susceptible to becoming gateways for data breaches. Employing multi-factor authentication (MFA) reduces the risks caused by credential-based cyberattacks by 99.9 percent, as the primary authentication factor is combined with an additional authentication factor.

5 reasons to protect enterprise VPN access with modern MFA

  • Dealing with credential-based attacks with stolen credentials.
  • Achieving regulatory compliance.
  • Gaining visibility into VPN accesses and authentication failures.
  • Improving security with advanced authentication controls.
  • Supporting consistent access security for on-premises and cloud apps.

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