Why attend

Users deal with their password saturated lives by using easy to remember passwords like 'Password@123'. This password contains a special character, number, and an alphabet in the upper case. It satisfies all the requirements of a strict password policy. But it is still susceptible to cyberattacks as it is easy to predict. Considering that passwords are our first layer of defence, you’d think that the twenty-year old Active Directory would offer means to create and enforce strong password policies. It doesn't and whatever it offers is rudimentary at best.

In this webinar, join our product experts, Sreejith and Sharadha, as they explains how hackers can easily crack passwords which comply with Microsoft's default password policies and how ADSelfService Plus can help your organization identify users with weak passwords. They will also demonstrate how ADSelfService Plus makes it easy to create and enforce strong password policy for Active Directory and all connected enterprise applications.


Join this webinar and learn how to:

  • Secure your Active Directory domain by eliminating weak passwords.
  • Create custom password policies which block dictionary words and patterns, and granularly enforce them for specific OUs and groups.
  • Enforce the created password policy in the ADUC console, Ctrl+Alt+Del change password screen, and also during password sync on several popular on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Display the enforced custom password policy on the reset and change password pages.