How easy would it be if users could utilize their Active Directory credentials for single sign-on authentication to cloud-based applications?

Today's enterprises—small, medium, or large— are forced to use a handful of cloud-based applications to meet all their business needs. Employees have to access these applications on a daily basis. The constant search for login URLs, remembering multiple usernames and passwords, for different applications, can all be quite exhausting. This could reflect negatively on their productivity, and increase help desk calls and the costs associated with it. 

Wouldn't it be great if we can simplify access to multiple cloud applications without compromising user productivity and security?


Join our webinar if you're looking for:

  • Quick, fuss-free integration between Active Directory and cloud applications
  • Improved security with two-factor authentication
  • Policy- based access control
  • One-click access to Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more

We will be your guide to set up Active Directory based single sign-on for 100+ cloud applications.