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Get ahead of the game: What to expect from ever-evolving malware attacks

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Presented by Sharada,Product expert
  • Duration

    45 Mins

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Why attend this webinar?

By 2021, malware attacks increased by 600% overall and ransomware increased by 435% since 2019. Malware has evolved to become highly virulent and intelligent to such an extent that one loophole in a single device is enough to crumble your entire IT environment.

Join us in this webinar as we take a direct approach to malware. We'll learn what loopholes are used to breach security, how they impact IT environments, and what proactive measures you can take to prevent malware attacks or thwart them at their earliest stages.

In this webinar, our ManageEngine expert will cover:

  • Recent malware attacks that the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security have warned about: RedXOR and Mamba.
  • The vulnerabilities and loopholes these variants use to breach your Linux devices and how they can laterally spread to your entire IT environment (Windows, macOS, and Linux).
  • Proactive measures you can take to avoid malware attacks like RedXOR and Mamba.
  • Safeguarding your IT environment (Windows, macOS, and Linux) with an advanced defense strategy.

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