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Automatic Ticket Dispatch

No more unassigned tickets in the queue

Helpdesk co-ordinators no longer need to physically scan all incoming tickets and assign them to technicians. ServiceDesk Plus – MSP does that automatically for you! It assigns tickets based on the technician’s availability and the access permission of the technician with respect to the new ticket. It assigns tickets in a round-robin manner or based on the technician’s workload. All of this means that your helpdesk co-ordinator can concentrate on more important tasks!

Automatic Ticket Dispatch

Round Robin Method

Each one gets one. In this method, ServiceDesk Plus – MSP remembers the last person to whom a ticket was assigned. It then assigns the new ticket to the next technician in ‘line’. In this method, incoming tickets will be equally distributed to all available technicians irrespective of their workload.

Load Balancing Method

In this method, the application first determines the list of technicians who are available and who have access to the ticket. It then calculates their workload and the technician with the least workload is assigned the new ticket.