Email Command

MSP Help Desk Feature Email Command

Email Command converts the incoming email messages into tickets with the help of command delimiters set by the administrator. The delimited fields in the email are parsed and the fields such as category, priority, group, level etc, can be set through email command. So, whether your technicians are in a remote location or in a client´s site, the email is automatically parsed and actions are performed based on the specified command.

Some of the actions that can be performed with Email Command apart from raising tickets are, editing tickets, assigning tickets to other technicians and closing resolved tickets.


  • Set fields such as Level, Mode, Priority, Urgency, Impact, Category, Sub Category, Item, Groups, Technician and Technician email, Requester and Requester email, Request ID, Request Template, Request Type, Site and Assets through Email Command.
  • Any special character can be specified as the command delimiter.
  • Perform request operations like creating tickets, editing, assigning tickets to other technicians and closing resolved.


  • For request creation and edition, Email Command eliminates the need for complex business rules when multiple fields should be assigned in requests.
  • Technicians can perform operations on a request through simple email command from anywhere.
  • Increases the productivity and efficiency of your help desk team.