Field service management

Scheduling jobs made easy!

What is field service management?

As an MSP, you have to juggle technicians around client locations. When that's not done efficiently, it's a waste of time and resources. Field service management in ServiceDesk Plus allows you to effectively manage field staff and assign them to client locations based on proximity. This helps you prioritize jobs, provide consistent quality services, encounter fewer unnecessary and cancelled trips, and achieve better performance.

Field service management in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

With the Google Maps and Zoho Maps integration, ServiceDesk Plus MSP makes it easy for IT administrators to visually locate all their on-site technicians and client-sites in a single place. This enables you to plan and coordinate the scheduling of field staff in order to minimize technician availability issues and ensure maximum efficiency on the field.

Field service management (FSM) software for MSP

Streamline field service operations and deliver better service

Track technicians on the field. Schedule jobs efficiently.

  • Easily access Zoho maps from within the service desk console.
  • Pin the locations of all your clients across the globe visually on the map.
  • Allow field staff to update their locations via the ServiceDesk Plus MSP mobile app.
  • Track the current geographical location of field staff from the map view.
  • Use the map view to effortlessly browse through your accounts, their sites, and associated technicians with basic drop-down filters.
  • Access field staff and client contact information with ease.