Copying Assets


    Using Copy Resource option you can make multiple copies of the resource and its details. On making multiple copies of the resource, it becomes easier for the technician to add bulk of similar assets. The technician need not manually enter all the resource details for each resource. The new copies of the resource will be assigned with new asset name and rest of the details is retailed as is.  


    If you have ten printers of the same configurations in your organization, then in this case, enter the configurations for one printer and save it. Then copy the same printer for ten times and add its configurations to other printers.


    To make multiple copies of the Resources,

    1. Click the Assets tab in the header pane. This opens the assets home page.

    2. Click IT Assets under Resources block on the left hand side of the page. Select the respective IT assets link. e.g. Access points, Printers and so on. This opens the corresponding IT asset page.

    3. Click the Title of the assets to be duplicated. This opens the Asset details page.

    4. Click the Actions menu on the right hand side of the page. Select CopyResource option. This opens the Copy Resource pop up window as shown below,


    1. Specify the Number of Copies to be made for the resource in the given text field.

    2. Copy the resource. You can see the list of resource copies listed in the list view.



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