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6 features to improve your IT service delivery and profitability

In this session our product expert showcases some of the key MSP-oriented features in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Learn how features like request life cycle, resource management, and billing can help you increase your ITSM operational efficiency.

Meet our speaker

Aditya Oswal

Product consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

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Follow the below mentioned instructions to add a new external widget to the dashboard:

  • Home > Customize
  • Select Requester Home Page / Technician Home Page.
  • Click +Widget to add a new widget. Default widgets will be listed.
  • To add external widgets, choose External widgets while adding a new widget. You can also Embed URLs, HTML files, or other files as an external widget.

No. But it's possible to assign a ticket to the previous technician from the request details page. In the history tab, you'll be able to see the details about the previous changes in the ticket regarding technician assignment.

Yes, you can create a Form rule based on your requirement. We have custom action, scripts, and negate options under Request Life Cycle. However, if you are more specific in creating Rules based on Certain criteria, you may use Field and Form Rule (FAFR) to achieve your requirement.

About the speaker

Aditya Oswal is a product marketer at ManageEngine, A division of Zoho Corp., where he drives several marketing initiatives and contributes with marketing collaterals on all levels. He has authored guides on managed service providers (MSPs) and field services management for MSPs in addition to managing various user education and thought leadership webinars addressing ITSM challenges experienced by enterprises worldwide. He specializes in organizing campaigns for product releases, user education programs, and more for ManageEngine's flagship ITSM products and shares a keen interest in managed services and the customer support industry.