Import IT Assets from CSV file 

    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP helps you to import your asset details saved in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. If you have asset details in XLS format, then open it with Microsoft Excel, save it as a CSV file, and import it.


    Steps to Import

    • In the Assets tab, navigate to the required IT Asset type where you want to import the assets.

    • In the Assets list view page, click New and select Import from CSV.

    • The CI Import Wizard is displayed, where the CI Type field carries the IT Asset (say, Server) chosen in step:1. You can also choose a different IT Asset. 


    • Click Choose File and locate the CSV file.

    • Click Submit. The column headers in the uploaded CSV file are displayed in drop-down boxes under the Customize Mapping section. 

    • Choose a date format. Note that all the date fields in the CSV file should be of the same format.

    • Map the appropriate column headers with the asset fields displayed. The columns in CSV file are populated in the select boxes beside each field label.


    • Click Import.

    After the data is imported, the imported result will be displayed with details such as the number of records added/overwritten and the records that failed to import.

    An error file containing the error details and a file containing the failed records will be added as links to the imported result. You can review these files to resolve the errors and re-initiate import.



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