Reconcile IT Assets


    The Reconcile option is to merge two resources and delete one of the resources. This is essential when the assets received from a Purchase Order are associated to Departments or Groups, and on performing a domain scan or a network scan, these assets are duplicated.

    Say, "LD400 - PO # 2[10]" is the workstation purchased and has been renamed as "SDP-dept". On performing a scan, both the workstations (LD400 - PO # 2[10] and SDP-dept) appear in the List View. To avoid duplication, you can reconcile the workstations, where LD400 - PO # 2[10] is deleted and SDP-dept is retained. The reconcile option can be performed from either the PO details page or from the asset list view page.


    To reconcile from the asset list view page,

    1. Click the Assets tab in the header pane.

    2. Click IT Assets under the Assets block.

    3. Select any of the IT asset, say workstation. From workstation list view, enable the check box beside the two workstations to reconcile.

    4. Click Actions drop down -> Reconcile option. Click OK to proceed with the reconcile operation.

    NOTE: Please note that if both the assets are received via Purchase Order, then the assets cannot be reconciled.



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