Avoiding Reconciliation during asset inventory.


The IT assets added with (scanned/generated) barcode(s) have barcode(s) as their name. These assets are given a new name while they are put into use in the network. When these assets are scanned for inventory, they are detected by their new names and added resulting in duplication of assets. These assets have to reconciled from the list view later. Please follow the below steps to avoid such manual reconciliations.

    • Before putting a device to use, search for the device in SDP MSP.
    • From the details page of that asset, click on "Edit".
    • Edit the name field from barcode value to DNS name (for eg: from LAP000101 to mark.abc.com).
    • Then scan the device for inventory. Now the name obtained through scan and the device in SDP MSP would match avoiding any reconciliation.

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