View Software License


    Software license details page (which opens when the respective License is clicked from Software Licenses list view) contains:

    • License related information like license type, license key, license acquisition and expiry date

    • List of workstations associated with the license

    • Allocate License and Deallocate License buttons that let you allocate/deallocate licenses respectively [see allocating and dealllocating license]

    • Edit button which lets you to edit the license related details [see editing licenses]

    • Actions dropdown which let you attach license related documents [see attaching documents]


    To view software license details,

    1. Select Software License (example: license for Microsoft Office Standard 2007 etc.,) from Software Licenses list view by clicking on it

    2. Software Details page which opens up will contain 2 different tabs: License Info (selected by default) and Contracts

      License Info: this tab displays all the license related info and various actions like license allocation/deallocation, editing license related details and attaching license-related documents can be performed here

      Contracts: this tab displays contracts associated with the software. These are contracts added using Contracts tab. [see adding contracts for more details]


    Software License Details Page




    Allocating Software License

    In case there are any unlicensed installations (workstations) available, the same can be licensed from the software license details page itself by doing the following:

    1. Click Allocate License button available at the right hand side of the Software License Details page [see image above]

    2. Allocate licenses to unlicensed installations popup opens up listing all the unlicensed workstations

    3. Select workstations and click Allocate License button

    4. License will be allocated to the workstations


    Deallocating Software License

    You can also deallocate license associated with workstatons by doing the following:

    1. Select workstations from the list of licensed workstations (available at the bottom of the page)

    2. Click Deallocate License button

    3. Okay the warning message

    4. License will be removed from the selected workstations



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