Scanned Software

    1. Click on Assets tab -> Click Software link under the Resource block on the left hand side of the page -> Scanned Software option. This brings up the Software list view page. By default, the list of Software for All the sites of previously selected account will be displayed. You can change the Account and Site combo box to view software llist of certain site(s)

    2. Select the corresponding filter option from the Viewing combo box. You can view the software with different status levels using filters. They are,

      • Excluded: Software that is omitted from use.  

      • Freeware: Software that is provided without charge.

      • Managed: All licensed software comes under this software type.  

      • Prohibited: Software that is prevented from use.

      • Shareware: Software that is available free of charge, may be distributed for evaluation with a fee requested for additional features or a manual etc.

      • Unidentified: Unknown software can be categorized under this software type.





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