Viewing Software Details

    Note: The Accounts select box on top of the page allows you to select the account for which you want to view data .

    • If 'All Accounts' is selected, the data pertaining to all accounts for which the technician has access is displayed.

    • If an account's name is selected, data pertaining to the selected account is displayed.

    1. From the Software view list page, select Managed software type from the Filter Viewing combo box, to view the license details of the software. All the licensed software comes under Managed software type.

    2. Click on the software name to view the software details.

    3. In the software details page, You have the Product Name, Version, Manufacturer and Category. You can also change the category by clicking change link adjacent to the category.  

    4. You can also view the purchased licenses details, Licensed users, Available Licenses and Unlicensed Installations. On having unlicensed installations you get a warning message for license violation as shown below,


    Licensed Installations


    Under Licensed Installations, you can view the workstation details, user details, software usage details, number of licensed installations and allocated licenses details.


    Un Licensed Installations


    Under Unlicensed installations, you can view the  list of unlicensed installations , users using the unlicensed software, usage of the software say frequently or occasionally etc can be viewed.


    Allocate Licenses to single machines

      1. Click on the Select software license icon -> Select software license page opens.

      2. Select the license name by enabling the radio button.

      3. Click Save button to save the changes. You can see the unlicensed installations changing to licensed installations and listed under the Licensed Installations column.

    Allocate Licenses to multiple machines

      1. Select the workstations to allocate licenses by enabling the check box.

      2. Click Allocate License button to allocate licenses to bulk of workstations. It takes all un allocated licenses and assign it to the workstations automatically.           


    The Software License are populated based on the site selected.


    Purchased Licenses


    Under Purchased licenses, you can view the number of purchased licenses, license type, Installation details, license key details etc.

    To delete the purchased licenses,

    1. Select the purchased licenses from the list by enabling the check box.

    2. Click Delete button to delete the selected licenses. A window pops up to get your confirmation on the delete operation click Yes to proceed. You can see the software licenses getting deleted from the list.

    Move Licenses

    To move licenses to selected site,

    1. Select the licenses to be moved to the site by enabling the check box.

    2. Select the site from the Move Licenses To check box. Click Move button to move the licenses. You can change site by selecting the site from the site option at the top left of the page.


    License Agreements

    Software license agreement is a contract between the software vendor and the purchaser. It is often called as the end user license agreement. The license agreement consists of terms and conditions on how to use the software in the organization.

    You can Filter to view the license agreement based on the active and expired agreements. In addition, you can also add a new license agreement and delete the existing license agreement for this software.


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