Approving Change by the Change Manager


    Only the Change Manager has the authority to approve the change. Any technician with the SDChangeManager role is a change manager.  


    Once the change is recommended by the CAB members the Change Manager should Approve or Reject the change. Except for the Standard Change type all other change type should be approved the change manager. The standard change type is a pre-approved change type hence it does not require any approval from the change manager. Only the approved changes will be taken-up by the technician to whom the change is assigned.


    To Approve the Change by the Change Manager,

    1. Log in into ServiceDesk Plus - MSP using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Changes tab -> click the title of the change to be approved. This opens the change details page.

    3. Click the Approvals tab, you get a link on the top right hand side of the page to approve or reject the change as shown below,


    1. Click the Approve link to approve the change. This opens a dialog box.

    2. Specify the comments in the box and Save the details.

    3. Text in the link changes as Approved with the change manager name, date and time will also be displayed as shown below. At any time to reject the change, you can click the reject link next to the approve link.



    In the change details page Approval status of the change would show as Approved in a non editable format. Also on the top right hand side of the page the Approval status of the change would change as Approved.







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