Change Calendar View


    The change home page shows two types of views, List View and Calendar View. The list view shows the list of all changes to be made. And the Calendar View shows the changes with start & end schedule time marked in different colors based on the type.  


    To view the schedule,

    1. Log into ServiceDesk Plus MSP using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Changes tab in the header pane. This opens the change list view page by default as shown below.


    List View





    Forward Schedule of Change (Calendar View)

    1. Click the Calendar View tab next to the list view tab in the home page. This opens the calendar view of change as shown below.

    To display the changes in the Calendar View, the changes should have the scheduled start time and end time.   



    • The Calendar View displays all the scheduled changes for the entire month. Click the forward arrowforward_arrow to go to the next month. Click the backward arrowbackward_arrow to go to the previous month.

    • You can choose the type of change from the Filter Showing combo box. You can view the Open Changes, Approved Open Changes, All Changes and Completed Changes.

    • If Sites is configured in the application, then the Site drop down appears. list of sites associated to the logged in technician appears. Here, the logged in technician can view the sites to which he is associated and the changes raised for a specific site.

    • A thick strip will be running across the scheduled start date and end date of the change. The outward curve (  startand_endcurveat the beginning of the strip indicates the start date. And the inward curve ) startand_endcurve at the end of the strip indicates the end date.

    • The color of the strip depends on the type of the change. Say standard, major,minor and so on.

    • At the bottom of the page you have all the four change types with one N/A type displayed along with the check boxes. For ex: If you wish to view only the standard changes for the month in the calendar view, then select the Standard check box and de-select the other change types. If you wish to view all the change types then select all the change type by enabling the check box.      

    • The backward arrow in the strip vanish indicates the previous week continuation of the change.

    • And the forward arrow in the stripfarrowmark_inthe_strip indicates that the change will be continued for the next week.

    • On clicking at any part of the strip you will be able to view the change details page.



    In the change details page,

      • If there are any tasks associated with the change then the task status bar will also be displayed.

      • If all the tasks are completed then the status bar would be in green color.

      • Out of two tasks, if one task is complete and the other task is incomplete then the status bar would show half green color.

      • You will be able to view the number of tasks completed / the total number of tasks. Say 1tasks completed out of 2 tasks.  

      • You will also be able to see the Status of the task and owner at the bottom of the page. If the status is completed then the bullet point would be in green color. If the status of the task is incomplete then the bullet point would be in red color.

    • The calendar can show only three changes in a particular date. If there are more than three changes in a date, then the calendar will show the extra more changes in the text form as +n more as shown below.

    • Clicking the + n more text link, will list all the displayed changes in the calendar, plus the extra more changes in the left hand side of the page as shown below. They can also be viewed by clicking the dates of the marked changes in the calendar. Say by clicking the date numer_ofthe_calender you will be able to view the list.

    • A calendar on the top left hand side of the page, shows the current date marked in a box. All the changes in the current month will be underlined and bold. On clicking any of the underlined date will list all the scheduled change for the particular date below the calendar.

    • Click the Week link at the Top of the page to view the weekly change schedule as shown below. Click the forward arrowforward_arrow to view next week change schedules. Click the backward arrowbackward_arrow to view the previous week change schedules.



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