Change List View


    Using the Change List View you can,

      • View Changes based on default filters.

      • Have Different Views of the available Changes.

      • Customize the columns in the list view.

      • Perform operations like edit, bulk delete and bulk assign Changes to technicians.


    Click Changes tab in the header pane. Change list view page displaying all changes in Open status, by default, will open up.



    View Changes based on default filters

    • Filter drop-down menu: The Filter drop-down menu consists of default filter list which classifies changes into eight categories namely, My Open Changes, My Closed Changes, My Approved Changes, My Unapproved Changes, All Changes, Open Changes, Closed Changes and Unassigned Changes, where changes with My mean Changes in which the technician is directly involved

    • Searching Changes based on Change ID: View the details of a change instantly by entering the Change ID in the search box (available to the left of Change List View) and click Go button.

    • New Change: Create new changes instantly using New Change button.

    • Actions drop-down menu: Perform operations to bulk Edit Requests, Delete Requests, Pick up Requests, Close Requests, Merge Requests and Link Requests.

    • Column-wise Search: Perform column-wise search for specific Requesters, Departments, Sites and so on.

    • Click Add button to add the reminder. You can see the reminder getting listed in the My Reminder(s) under Quick Actions dropdown.

    Different Views of the available Changes

    • Changes in the List View can be viewed using two different views: List View & Calendar View.

    • List View is the default option.

    • To change to Calendar View, click on Calendar View Icon. (available beside Change Filter Drop Down menu)

    • Calendar View can be further tuned using Week and Month icons respectively.


    Customize Columns in the list view

    • Click on Columns Customizer Icon.

    • Columns pop up box opens up.

    • Choose Columns that have to appear on Change List View.

    • Order them using Up & Down Arrows.

    • Save it.


    Perform operations like edit, pick up, bulk delete and bulk assign Changes to technicians

    • Editing Change: Click Edit Icon besides respective Change that needs to be edited.

    • Pick up Changes: Technicians can assign the Change to themselves using Pick Up button.

    • Bulk Delete: Select all Changes and click Delete button.

    • Bulk Assign

      1. Select all Changes.

      2. Choose Technician from Select Technician drop down. (below Calendar View icon)

      3. Click Assign. (right beside drop down)



    • While picking up/ assigning Changes, the technician involved will be assigned the role of Change Owner with rights to the entire Change




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