Associating Closure Code


    In the Closure Code popup (that opens up when status closed or canceled is selected) specify the following to formally close the change by associating it with a closure code:

    1. Select Closure Code from Closure Code dropdown.

    2. Options available by default. (under Closure Code dropdown)

    3. Specify comments for selecting the closure code. 

    4. Scan Assets Involved to ensure Changes done to reflect in Asset DB has been successfully implemented. (by checking Trigger Asset Scanning Process)

    5. Save it.




    • Approval Summary (available under View menu above change stages) will also be available in the closing stage, displaying a complete decision summary of whole workflow based on who approved which stage and at what time.

    • Closure Code can be edited (if required) by clicking on edit link that appears beside an already added Closure Code.




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