Creating New Change


    There can be different types of changes that can happen in an organization. It can be a Major, Minor or Standard change. For any change a request for change has to be sent to the change management team by creating a New Change.


    To create a new change,

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Create New link at the top left hand side of the page ->and select the Change option. This opens the New Change form. Or click the Changes tab and select the New Change button to open the New Change form.

    3. Select the Requested By requester from the list by clicking on the Requester iconuserslookup. This opens the requester list page and click the requester title.

    4. Select the Technician from the combo box.

    5. Select the Category, Sub Category and Item from the combo box.

    6. Select the Status of the change say Open from the combo box.

    7. Select the Impact, Urgency and Priority of the change from the combo box.

    8. Select the Change Type from the combo box. Say Major.

    9. Select the Scheduled Start Time and Scheduled End Time from the calender button.

    10. Select the affected IT Services by the change from the list by clicking on the icondropdown_list. This opens the Services Affected pop up box as shown below. Select the affected IT services and Save the changes.


    1. Select the Assets Involved with the change by clicking the icondropdown_list. This opens the Select Assets page. Select the Type of Assets or the category of assets to be involved from the combo box. Ex: Workstations, Routers, Switches and so on. Select the Available Assets under the selected type from the list and move to Assets involved using >> button. And Save the changes.   

    2. Specify the Title of the change in the given text field. This is a mandatory field.

    3. Specify the details about the change in the Description field.

    4. If you have any file attachments for the change click the Attach File button and attach files.

    Note: Maximum size of an attachment file can be 10MB.

    1. Save the changes. You can see the new change created in the change list view page.





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