Change Analysis


    Impact Analysis

    Under this section technicians record the impact (both positives & negatives) change will have before and after implementation. Thorough analysis of the change by technicians in this phase will ensure there is no room for any assumptions.


    Rollout Plan 

    Change can be implemented in phased manner or could be brought out wholly using a single change or a series of changes. This methodology that will be followed while releasing change will be recorded under rollout plan section.


    Backout Plan

    Contingency plan to be implemented in case change technicians decide to back out of the change will be recorded/planned under the backout plan section. The detailed procedure on how to backout by restoring the original state is described here.



    A to-do list listing the essential steps to be completed in order to verify whether the change implementation is completed with all requirements fullfilled.

    These analyses (Impact, Rollout, Backout & Checklist) can be either added manually or attaching ready planned documents.


    To append attachments

    • Click Add link under the respective section.

    • Enter the details /Attach the details.

    • Save them



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