Downtime Scheduling


    Downtime Scheduling is an integral part of Change Implementation process and therefore the change planning section allows technicians to plan in advance the downtime scheduling to be followed during the Change Implementation process.


    Scheduling Downtime

    1. Click Add link under Downtime Scheduling section.  

    2. Provide a suitable description providing the asset details, reason for downtime etc.

    3. Using Calendar Icon , select Start and End time.

    4. Multiple Downtimes too can be added consecutively using Add Downtime add_downtime button.

    5. Click Save.



    • Add Downtime button appears besides End Time Calendar Icon; you also have Delete Downtime button to delete downtime entries


    Editing Downtime

    1. Click Edit Icon appearing on-hover the Downtime Schedule.

    2. Edit the details.

    3. Click Update Button.


    Deleting Downtime

    1. Click Delete Icon appearing on-hover the Downtime Schedule.

    2. Confirm Deletion when prompted.

    3. Downtime will be deleted



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