Change technician's role in Planning Stage

    'Change technicians' assigned to work (edit permission only) on Change Planning stage,



    • 'Change technicians' assigned to work only ( edit permission only ) on Change Planning stage.

    • Associate problems/incidents to the change.

    • Add notes to the change (using Add menu).

    • Add reminders (using Add menu).

    • Publish change related announcements (using Actions menu).

    • Send change-related notifications (using Actions menu).



    • Edit the assigned change template and workflow.

    • Approve/Reject the Change and therefore cannot move the Change from submission to planning stage.




    • Only change technicians provided with SDChangeManager role will have permission to edit/reassign the configured change template and workflow (by clicking on the edit button available in the Action Menu bar).

    • Permission to move change from stage to stage will be provided only to higher authority like Change Manager, Change Approver, Change Owner etc.,

    • To know about how to configure change roles, visit: change roles under admin section




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