Viewing Change Details


    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your user name and password.

    2. Click the Changes tab. This opens the changes list page. Select the Account for which you wish to view changes using the 'Accounts' combo box.

    3. Click the title of the change to view the change details. This opens the change details page. By default the change details page opens in the General tab.

    General Tab


    The general tab shows general details of the change such as, Category, Technician, Status, Priority, Urgency, Type, Impact, Requester, Start Time, End Time, affected IT Services. The Status field holds the state of the change such as Requested, Approved, Implemented, Reviewed and Closed The approval status denotes whether the change is approved or rejected. The change will be considered as approved and listed in the change calender only if the Approval Status is 'Approved'. The approval status is given in non-editable mode.

    Click the Edit button to edit all the details of the change. You also have inline edit option for all the details. To modify the details of the change click the details and choose the option from the combo box.


    Problems Tab


    The problems tab shows the list of all the associated problems with the change. You have Attach option to attach the problem with the change. And the Detach Problem option to detach associated problem with the change.


    Incidents Tab


    The incidents tab shows the list of all associated incidents with the change. You have Attach option to attach the incident with the change. And the Detach Incidents option to detach associated incidents with the change.


    Planning Tab


    The planning tab shows the planning phase of the change on how to go about the change. It shows the Impact details, Roll Out, Back Out plan and finally the Check List for the plan.


    Approvals Tab


    From the Approvals tab, the administrator can Add CAB Members and Send the change for Recommendation to the CAB members. Thus it helps to show the approval status of the change. Refer


    Implementation Tab


    Implementation page shows the task details of the change and the work log details of the change. You can also add, edit and delete new Task and new Work Log details.


    Review Tab


    From the review tab you can add post change assessment details or the evaluation results on how the change is made details are specified. It is basically a recap of the change.

    To add review details Click the Add button. This opens the review text box.

    Specify the details in the text box and Save the details. You can see review details getting displayed under the title. And the name of the person who entered the details with date and time will be displayed on the right hand side of the page.

    To edit the review details click the Edit button next to the title. Edit the details and save the changes.

    If you would like to attach a file on the review details of the change, click Attach a File option and attach files.  


    History Tab


    The History tab shows the change history from the time of its creation. It shows all the actions performed in the change. The history tab also shows the incidents and the changes associated to the problem on clicking the Property View link available on the right hand side. The details that are displayed in the history are in the ascending order with the earliest performed action shown at the top of the page and the latest action at the bottom of the page.



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