Configuring Products


    The specific asset types are termed as products. For example, Dell Lattitude D600 is a product representing Dell Laptops. These products need to be added in the application so that they can be used while referencing from the various modules of the application, such as Inventory and Purchase. As and when you purchase any specific product belonging to a new asset type, you need to add the new product. Also, if a product needs to be discarded you can also remove it from the list by deleting the details of the same.


    To open the product configuration page:

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Asset Management block, click the Products iconProducts Icon. The next page displays the available list of products. You can add, edit, or delete product.

    Add Product


    To add products:

    1. In the Product List page, click Add New Product link available at the top right corner.

    2. In the Add Product form, enter the Product Name. This field cannot be blank.

    3. If you know the manufacturer of the product, enter the same in the Manufacturer field.

    4. From the Product Type combo box choose the product type under which you wish to classify the product that you are adding.

    5. Enter the Part No. of the product.

    6. If required, add relevant Comments for the product.

    7. Click Save. A message is displayed and the product is added. Simultaneously, a Vendors tab is also added. This tab is to give a vendor association to the product.

    8. Click the Vendor tab.

    9. Click the Associate Vendor button to associate vendor with the product. This opens the Associate Vendor page.

    10. In the Associate Vendor form, choose the vendor name from the combo box provided and enter the price of the product. These are the two fields that are mandatory.

    11. If you know the warranty period of the product, enter it in the Warranty Period by choosing the number of years and months from the combo box.

    12. Choose the maintenance vendor.

    13. If you wish to add any comments, add it in the Comments text box.

    14. Click Save to save the details. The page is refreshed to display the vendor association information. Repeat the steps 9 - 14, till you have added all the vendors who supply this product.

    If you do not wish to associate the vendor now, then click Cancel. It goes back to the Product Details tab.

    If you wish to add more than one product, then in step 7, instead of clicking Save, click Save and add new button. This would add the product and open the add product form for you to add more products. In this case, the product vendor association needs to be done later. To get back to the product list page without adding the product or after completing the vendor product association, click View List link at the top right corner of the Add Product form.


    Edit Product


    If you have added the product without associating the vendor with the product, then you will have to associate the vendor by editing the product information.


    To edit the product information:

    1. Click the edit iconediticonbeside Product Name in the Product List page.

    2. In the Edit Product form, you can edit all the form fields mentioned in the add product procedure.

    3. Click the Vendor tab and click the Associate Vendor button.

    4. Edit the required fields and click the Add button.

    Even while editing the product information, if you wish to see the product list page, click the View List link at the top right corner of the Edit Product form. Also if you want to add a new product, then in the product details tab, click Save and add new button.


    Delete Product


    To delete a product, it is necessary that the product vendor association is first removed and then the product is deleted. Also ensure that the particular product is not used elsewhere. Follow the steps below to delete a product:

    1. In the Product List page, click the edit iconediticonbeside Product Name.

    2. Click the Vendors tab.

    3. Click the delete icondeleteiconbeside the Vendors. A confirmation dialog is opened.

    4. Click OK to proceed with the deletion. Delete all the vendor associations of the product.

    5. Click view list link on the top right corner of the center pane.

    6. Now, click the delete icondeleteiconbeside the Product Name for which you removed the vendor association. A confirmation dialog is opened.

    7. Click OK to proceed with the deletion. If you do not wish to delete the product, click Cancel.





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