General Settings


    In General Settings, you can configure Invalid Service Tags, provide option for MAC address identification during scan, and for OIDs with unknown type; option to specify the product type and product name.


    Configure Invalid Service Tags

    While performing a scan, the Workstations and Servers are uniquely identified based on its Service Tags, Name and MAC address. So when the service tags are not incorrectly configured by the OEM, many machines would result in similar service tags. In such cases, if a scan is performed, one workstation details would be overwritten by the other. To avoid this, you can add the service tag under Invalid Service Tag list such that, the workstations with the service tag is ignored during a scan.



    Enable/Disable MAC address identification during scan

    Machines connected through VPN or VMware have similar MAC address. So while performing a scan in similar network environment, one machine is overwritten by the other. Hence you can uniquely identify the MAC address by enabling/disabling the radio button.


    OIDs with Unknown Type

    While performing a scan, the routers, switches, printers and access point in the network generate an OID which uniquely denotes the assets. If the OID of the asset is not available in the database, a new entry is populated from where you can choose the product type and specify the product name.



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