For configuring SNMP V3 credentials:

    SNMP V3 credentials are used for scanning network devices like, printers, routers, and switches.

    To configure SNMP V3 credentials,

    • Login to ServiceDesk Plus using your credentials.
    • Select Admin tab --> Discovery block --> Credentials Library.
    • Click on Add New Credential link (available at the top-right corner). A New Credential Pop-Up Opens up.

    • Select the Credential Type as SNMP V3.

    Authorization and Encryption Protocols:

      • Choose Either MD5 or SHA for Authorization Protocol and DES or AES-128 for Encryption Protocol.
      • Once the corresponding protocol type is selected, enter the Authorization password.
      • Once the Encryption protocol is selected, enter the Encryption password.
      • Enter the SNMP Port Number - It is set at 161 by default.
    • Set the Timeout (Indicates the time after which the connection would be terminated) - It is set at "5" secs by default which can be changed.
    • Set the Retries count (Indicates the no. of attempts that can be made before the timeout happens) - It is set at "0" by default which can be changed.


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