Exclude IP/Device:

    Exclude unwanted assets from being scanned during various scans by adding them to the excluded devices list.

    Exclude Devices/IP using Scan Settings

    To exclude a device/IP from the scan using the scan settings,

    • Click on the Scan settings under the Discovery block from the Admin module.
    • Select "Exclude Device/IP".
    • Enter the Device name or the IP address/ IP range. The IP Address/IP range or Device Name just added will appear under Excluded IP(s)/Device(s) list
    • Click on Save.

      Note: Exclusion will not happen if devices are added from remote SDP MSP server and also while importing scanned xml's manually.


    Exclude Device/IP from a specific scan.

    To exclude device from a specific scan, i.e Network scan,

    • Click on "Exclude IP (s)/Device(s) From Scan".
    • Enter Device Name or IP Address/Range.
    • Click on Save. The selected Devices will be excluded from the scan.
    • Click on View details to view the excluded devices/IPs.

    Exclude IT assets from scans (From Asset Listview)

    You can also exclude different IT assets from the scan in the asset listview itself.

    To exclude IT assets from the scan,

    • Select an asset type.
    • Select the assets you want to exclude from the scan.
    • Click on Actions and then select excluded from scan.
    • Click on Exclude/Exclude & delete.

    The selected assets will be excluded from future scans.

    Note: Clicking on Exclude will exclude the asset from future scans whereas clicking on Exclude & Delete will remove assets from the asset list itself.

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