Asset Scan    

    Asset Scan is an important foundation for IT asset management. Implementing asset scan in ServiceDesk Plus MSP has the following benefits.

    • Adds visibility to the IT needs so that informed decisions which are important to the organization can be made.

    • Helps avoid unnecessary purchases and helps you recognize all the unused and used devices.

    • Helps to manage software licenses to keep track of all registered and unregistered software that is being used in the organization.

    • Assists in easier risk identification by associating discovered assets with ServiceDesk Plus MSP's Request, Change, and Problem or any service desk solution.


    With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, you can scan domains and networks that are part of your enterprise. This includes Windows, Linux, MAC, Solaris, HPUX, AIX machines, VMWare and Hyper V devices, Cisco IP phones, and other SNMP-supported devices like printers, routers, switches, etc. You can set up audits for scheduling periodic scanning, scan assets in remote locations, and perform individual scans for newly added workstations.


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