SNMP Discovery

    ServiceDesk Plus MSP now lets you to detect any SNMP supported devices such as Access points, Printers, Routers, Switches, Storage devices, IP Phones, UPS and Firewalls during the scan. The inventory details of these detected devices will also be fetched and listed.

    How it works?

    The SNMP devices are identified using sysOID. If by using sysOID the devices are not identified then the sysDescr is used to identify the devices. Once the type of the device is obtained, the corresponding SnmpInventoryTypeId value is retrieved from OIDtype or SysDescrIdentification. If SnmpInventoryTyoeId is null in these rows, then appropriate SnmpInventoryTypeId is fetched using VendorId and ComponentTypeId values.

    Scanning SNMP Devices

    To Scan SNMP Devices,

    • Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
    • Click on the Admin tab and Select Network Scan under the Discovery category.
    • Select Entire network or IP Address Range in the scan field.
    • Enter Network address or the IP address Range. 
    • Select SNMP supported Network Devices and choose a credential.
    • Click the  icon to add a new credential.
    • Click Save and Scan now to scan or Save to scan later.
    • The inventory details of scanned devices will also be fetched and listed.




    Importing SNMP Device Details During Distributed Asset Scan.

    The SNMP devices and their inventory details can now be imported to the central server from the remote server.

    The XML file containing the scanned SNMP Asset details and their inventory can be found in the following path: <SeviceDesk/scannedxmls>.

    To Import SNMP device details, 

    1. Log into ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
    2. Click on the Admin tab.
    3. Select Distributed Asset scan under the Discovery Category.
    4. Select the respected xml file having the SNMP device details from the scannedxmls folder which can be found in: <SeviceDesk/scannedxmls>.
    5. Select a site and click Import.

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