Custom Schedules: Frequently asked questions

    1. Does the result JSON file for the Query Reports always gets created? I can't find it in the [SDP_Home]/integration/custom_schedule_reports/ folder


    Yes, separate files will be created for each of the Query Report passed as an argument to the script. However, after the script is executed, the file is deleted.


    2. According to instructions, the result JSON file should be in the in the [SDP_Home]/integration/custom_schedule_reports/ folder. But that folder never gets made in that location.


    The problem could be a privilege issue. Please ensure to provide sufficient permissions to create a file in the mentioned location.


    3. Where can I find the history of custom schedules executions?


    Whenever the schedule executes an action, the results of the associated reports and the script are logged in the System Log Viewer.


    4. What happens if I delete a custom schedule in the middle of its execution?


    The schedule will execute the script file to its completion even if the schedule is deleted in the middle of its execution.


    5. How can I access the data in result json file?


    The file paths of the Query Reports are sent in order of their association. The script file should open the file and access the data in it. Check the sample python script to learn about accessing the result JSON.


    6. What does the Result column display?


    The Result column displays the output given by the script.


    7. What structure should the output of a script have?


    The output returned by the script is used to display in the Result column or must be logged in the System Log Viewer. The script can return any output or not return anything at all.


    8. The message in the Result column says, "Cannot run program 'py'". What does it mean?


    It means Python is not installed in the server.


    • Install Python in the ServiceDesk Plus server.
    • Make sure the path for Python is set in the Environment Variables of your server.

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