Data Archiving

    Data archiving involves moving closed or resolved requests to separate storage. This activity, when done periodically, helps ensure optimum performance of your help desk.
    Archived requests are removed from the active requests list because they are considered as a separate entity with unique search options and reports. Archived requests cannot be modified, deleted, or restored to the active state. Any reply to an archived request will be added as a new request.

    Note: Only the SDAdmin can configure data archiving.

    Configuring Data Archiving


    • Go to Admin>>General Settings>>Data Archiving.
    • Select the Enable Scheduled Data Archiving.
    • Select the criteria of the requests that must be archived.
    • If there are any exceptions to the criteria selected, select the Allow Exception checkbox and configure the exceptions.
    • Schedule the next archival period and save the settings, as shown in the following screenshot:

    Viewing Archived Requests

    To view the requests, go to Requests and select Archived from the Requests drop-down.

    You can also view them under Quick Actions.

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