Zoho Creator/External Links


    Integrate with Zoho Creator/other Applications: Integrate ServiceDesk Plus MSP with Zoho creator app to fill out forms or provide external links. 

    Enabled/Disabled : Click 'Enabled' to display the application name in the header along with the drop down. Disabling it will hide the name from the header.

    Manage application : Click 'Manage Application' which will take you to a new window where the following have to be enabled and details have to be provided.

    Enable application: Enabling the checkbox will display the application in the header along with the drop-down. 

    Allow requester to access: Enabling the checkbox will provide access to the external links for the requesters. Disabling the checkbox will hide the entire list of links and remain inaccessible to the requesters. 

    View name: Enter the name that you wish to display. If apps other than zoho creator is used, then the display name can be re-named accordingly.

    Link name: Enter a prominent name for the link to the application. Proper description can be entered about the application in the space provided. 

    URL: Paste the URL to access the application. This URL will re-direct the user to the application.

    Allow to requesterAllow to requester is different from Allow requester to access in the sense that, each individual link can be chosen to be exposed or concealed from the requester by choosing 'Yes' or 'No' from the drop-down. 

    Click 'Save' to save the settings and the same can be viewed by clicking the Application name in the header. 

    After saving, the App's display name will be updated.

    You can now view the added external apps in the header pane.


    • Links can be added and deleted by clicking the ' +' and '-' options accordingly .
    • The order in which the applications have to displayed can be arranged by making use of the drag and drop option on mouse hover. 

    Sample scenario:External links useful to the organization can be listed under the applications tab. Purchase of assets for an organization is essential and the employees may require a common form to fill out their requirements. In such cases, a quick link to the form can be listed and shown to the requesters. The view name can be given as 'Asset booking form' and the creator link can be pasted in the URL space. The requesters can be allowed to access this form by choosing 'Yes' for 'Allow to requester'.

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