Remote Assistance Setup

    Certain scenarios may require the Technician to access machines in remote locations say, a requester from New York requires immediate assistance and the MSP's Technician is located in San Francisco. Similarly, when a request is raised via phone call, it would be great if the Technician could send an invite for remote assistance and access the requester's machine from his desk, thus increasing productivity and reducing the time taken to resolve the issue. With the Remote Assistance the Technician can access the requesters machine and resolves the request instantly with ease.


    1. Please note that one session is free and can be used any number of times. Additional sessions need to be purchased.

      The one free session mentioned is the standard edition of Zoho assist.
      Users can upgrade at any point of time to the other editions of Zoho assist

    2. A Zoho Account is required to avail Remote Assistance feature.

    3. Remote control can be invoked from Request Details page .

    4. Remote control can also be invoked from Workstation/Server in asset Tab.

    To configure Remote Assistance

      1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus using the user name and password of an admin user.

      2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

      3. Click the Remote Assistance Setup Icon.

      4. Enter Zoho Account Details.

      5. Save the changes.



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