Self Service Portal Customization

    The Self-Service Portal can be designed and customized by the administrator to display it in a way that he/she requires the users to view it. This customization option allows the administrator to re-arrange, restore, add, delete, hide and re-size the widgets. The widgets can be positioned anywhere in the screen and can re-sized through easy drag and extend/compress. This option can be accessed by clicking on Admin>>Self-Service Portal Settings >>Customize Self-Service Portal. 




    Steps to customize Self-Service Portal:

    Click 'Customize Self-Service Portal'. The Self Service Portal Customization window will be displayed with five options:

    • Widget: My Request Summary, Announcements, Popular Solutions, Submit Your Request, My Approvals, Portal Usage Video & Help document are the default widgets.
    • Properties: Upto four columns can be displayed with desired layout and background color.  
    • Actions: Drafts pertaining to design can be cleared/saved and changes can be discarded.
    • Preview: Preview displays a wholesome view of the page before saving the desired settings.
    • Publish: The customization done will be saved and applied and will be visible to all users.


    Adding Widgets 

    • Click 'Widget'.
    • Enter the widget name and its corresponding web address in the space provided and click 'Add'.
    • The newly added widget(s) will be displayed in the portal and can be re-sized and positioned accordingly.
    • If any default/external widget is removed, it will be displayed under removed default/external widgets. All removed default widgets and the last three removed external widgets will be listed. The removed widgets can be added back by just clicking on the widget from the removed widgets list. 


       An alert message 'Not yet published' will be displayed until the design is published.

       If 'Do you wish to hide solutions tab from Requester?' is set to 'Yes', ‘Popular Solutions’ widget will not be available in self-service portal customization page. If 'Do you wish to hide solutions tab from Requester?' is set to ‘No’ and if the portal is already published or saved without the ‘Popular Solutions’ widget, then the ‘Popular Solutions’ will be available under the removed default widgets list.





    Setting Properties

    • Click 'Properties'. Choose the required number of columns and the layout style.
    • The layout of the Self-Service Portal can be either "boxed" or "wide". Wide layout occupies the whole screen width while the boxed layout will make the Self-Service Portal 1328 pixels wide.
    • Choose the background color for the Self-Service Portal. On clicking each color, a preview along with the selected color will be displayed.


    Actions on Drafts

     After setting the properties, Click on 'Actions' drop-down. 

    • Save As Draft: The customized design will be saved as draft but will not applied until 'Publish' is chosen. 
    • Clear Draft: The previously saved draft will be deleted and the newly published version of the Self-Service Portal will be displayed.
    • Discard Changes: The changes applied so far will be deleted and the Self-Service Portal will be restored to its already existing state.


    Administrator can save only a single draft. After publishing the draft, the saved draft will get removed from the 'Drafts'.



    Preview the Portal

    • Click 'Preview' to examine the customized Self-Service Portal. The preview of the Portal will be displayed.
    • If 'My Approvals' widget is selected, then a version with  'Requester with Approval Permission' and a version without 'My Approvals' will be displayed alternately. 
    • To stop viewing the preview, click 'Close Preview'.




    Publish the customized settings

    Click 'Publish' to save the customized changes and display the customized portal to all the users. 


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