Translations let you personalize ServiceDesk Plus MSP by modifying any text displayed in the web interface to suit your organization needs. You can modify sentences or change specific words such as, Request to Tickets, Admin to Configurations, or Requesters to Users using Translations.

    If you have multi language edition, then you can modify the transcripts for all the languages supported by ServiceDesk Plus MSP.   



    1. To view the modified text, make sure you restart the server.

    2. For sentences with curly braces {}, make sure you enter the curly braces even after modifying the sentence.

    To access Translations Configuration Wizard,

    1. Click Admin tab in the header pane.

    2. Click Translations icon icon_translations under General block. By default, the language set in the Translations page is English. The total number of text in the application, and the number of modification make by you is represented in the form of a link. You can select the link to view the same.

    In case of other language, the English text and the other language text is displayed one below the other.


    Modifying Sentences

    If you want to modify a sentence, then an instant means is by performing a search for the sentence.

    1. Enter the sentence in Search for English text field. Say, Mark this template Inactive to.

    2. Click Search button. The search result shows the list of sentences having Mark this template Inactive.

    3. Click Modify link below the sentence.

    4. Enter the modified sentence in the text provided. Say, Mark as Inactive.

    5. Click the icon to save. The entered value is saved in the file present in the custom/i18n directory.  A Reset link is displayed beside the modified sentence. Click the Reset link to revert the changes.


    Modifying a specific Text

    If you want to call Admin as Configurations, or Requesters as Users, then you can do so using the Find & Replace button.

    1. Click Find & Replace button.

    2. Enter the keyword to search in Find text box.

    3. Specify the keyword to be replaced in the Replace text box.

    4. Click Proceed button.

    5. The search result shows sentences with the search keyword and the corresponding sentences with the replaced keyword at the side.

    6. Select the check box beside the sentences to replace the word.

    7. Click Replace button. The sentence is modified and displayed along with a Reset link. Click Reset link to revert the changes.




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