Add Quick Category, Sub-category and Item

    Add Quick CSI option allows you to add new Categories, Sub-categories and Items in an instant, instead of adding them using individual 'New' option . This option proves to reduce time consumption when large number of categories or subcategories or items have to be added. This option is available under Admin > Helpdesk Customizer > Category > New > Add Quick CSI.



    To bulk add Category, Sub-Category and Item :

    1. Click Add Quick CSI from the Category List window. The 'Add Quick CSI' window will be displayed with text area to enter the CSI and the preview screen to get a view of the  CSI entered.


    • In the text area of the pop-up window, text entered with no tabs will be considered as Category.
    • Text entered with single tab will be taken as Sub-category, while text entered with two tabs will be taken as Item.



    2. Press 'enter' after typing the CSI to preview the details. 

    • Save: Clicking 'Save' will save the Category, Sub-category and Item in the text area.
    • Clear: Clicking 'Clear' will reset the text area.
    • Cancel: Clicking 'Cancel' will close the 'Add Quick CSI' window.

     Following is a sample and preview of the added Category, Sub-category and Items. 


    • Preview: A preview will be displayed when 'Enter' is pressed or when preview link is clicked.
    • Expand all : Expands the tree displaying all the Categories, Sub categories and Items in the preview section.
    • Collapse all: Shrinks the tree displaying only the Categories in the preview section.



    3. After clicking 'Save', the result window showing the total number of added records and added Categories, Sub-categories and Items will be displayed. Clicking 'Close Window' will take you back to the category list window.




    • Provide an unique name for the Category. If same names are provided for two or more categories, the preview will display that corresponding category only once.
    • Category, Sub category and Items entered in the text area are not case sensitive 


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