Configuring GSuite as the Service Provider

    To configure G Suite as the authentication server,



    • Enter the Project Name.

    • Under Location, click Browse and select the parent organization.

    • Click Create.



    • In the left panel of the displayed project details page, click APIs & Services >> Library.
    • From the available list of APIs, select Gmail API and click Enable. You can use the search option for quicker results.

    • In the left panel, click OAuth consent screen and choose the User Type.

    • Click Create.

    • In the displayed page, provide the Application Name, Application Logo, and Support email of your help desk.

    • Click Add Scope and choose Gmail API.

    • Click Add



    • The scope will be displayed as shown in the below screenshot. Copy the scope to ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

    • Click Save.

    • In the left panel, click Credentials >> Create Credentials >> OAuth Client ID

    • Click DOWNLOAD JSON to download the file containing the authorization server details. Copy these details to Client Details in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

    • Provide a Name of your choice.

    • In Authorized Redirect URIs, copy-paste the Redirect URL of ServiceDesk plus MSP.

    • Click Save



    You have now configured G Suite as the authorization server for your organization using Gmail as the mail server.

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