Configuring Level


    Request level is a measure to indicate the complexity of a request. For example, if the received request just has some information and does not require any action to be taken, then it can be classified as Level 1. If there is a minor level action, such as providing the requester some tips to resolve the issue, then it can be classified as Level 2, and so on. To open the request level configuration page

    1. Login to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Go to Admin  > HelpDesk Customizer > Level. Here you can add, edit, or delete the request levels.


    Add Level 

    To add a request level,

    1. In the Level List page, click New.

    2. In the New Level form, enter the level Name. If you want, you can enter the level Description also. Please note that you cannot add two levels with the same name. Each level needs to be unique.

    3. Click Save. The new level gets added to the already existing list.

    If you want to add more than one level, then instead of clicking Save, click Save and Add New button. This adds the new level and reopens the add level form.

    At any point, if you decide not to add the new level, then click Cancel to get back to the level list. Clicking the View List link on the top right corner of the add level form will also take you to the level list view.


    Edit Level

    To edit an existing level

    1. In the Level List page, click  > Edit beside the level name that you want to edit.

    2. In the Edit Level form, you can modify the name and description of the level.

    3. Click Save to save the changes. At any point, if you wish to cancel the operation that you are performing, click Cancel.

    Even while editing a level, if you wish to add new level, then click Save and add new button instead of clicking Save button after making the changes.


    Delete Level

    1. In the Level List page, click  > delete beside the level name that you wish to delete. A confirmation dialog appears.

    2. Click OK to proceed with the deletion. If you do not want to delete the level, then click Cancel.




    If the level is greyed instead of getting deleted, then the level is being used by a module. Greying of level indicates that the level value will not be available for further usage. To bring the level value back to usage, click  >> Edit beside the greyed out level and deselect Level not for further usage check box.




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