Configuring Sites


    An Account Organization, big or small, may have several branches across the globe to handle various specialized activities. These branches can be located in the same or different region, and the data from each of these branches need to be maintained in the same place. You can configure various sites (branches) to a region in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application.  



    Note: The administrator has the privilege to Add/Edit/Delete a site across Accounts. The Account Admin can Add/Edit/Delete a site which belongs to his Account(s). The Site Admin can only View/Edit/Delete the sites to which he is associated from the Site List page.  


    Add Site

    To add new site,

    1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the username and password of the admin user..

    2. Click Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. On the Account Details block, click Sites admin_sites icon.

    4. In the Site List view page, click Add New Site link on the right hand side corner. The Add New Site form opens.

    5. Enter the Site Name in the text field provided. It is mandatory field.

    6. Enter brief information in the Description field about what your organization does in the above mentioned site.

    7. Select the Region and the Time Zone of the site from the combo box. The specified time zone is essential to calculate the operational hours for the site. Hence, any request raised in the site can be resolved within its operational hours.

    8. Specify the Address of the organization along with City, Postal Code, State and Country.

    9. Enter the Contact Information such as E-mail Id, Phone no, Fax no and the Web URL of your organization.

    10. Enable any of the following related settings,

      • Refer Default Settings: On enabling refer default settings, the default settings are not copied to site and hence there is not separate site based configurations (excluding departments). Instead the configurations made under the default settings are referred to the site. Any modifications made under the default settings such as, adding a new holiday or group to the existing list will get applied to the sites with refer default settings enabled.  

        Say, for an organization with various sites having similar site specific configurations, enable refer default settings instead of copying the default configurations to every site. Any additional holiday or group added under default settings will automatically get applied to all the sites with this option enabled.    

      • Copy Default Settings:Copy default settings help you to maintain separate site specific configurations for every site, and if there is any slight modifications made under default settings then, the same gets pushed to the sites provided the previous states of default setting and site configuration is the same. Any minor changes made in the site based configurations of a site is exclusively for the particular site.

        Say, the escalation rules set in a SLA for one site is different from another site. In this case, enable copy default settings radio button and modify the changes in the escalation rules.  

      • Custom Settings: Custom default settings help you to organize, configure and maintain separate site specific configurations of a site. The default settings do not have any influence over the default settings.  

        Consider an organization with branches across the globe having different operational hours and holidays, and thus with different SLAs. In this case, site specific configurations needs to be configured separately for every site by enabling the radio button corresponding to the options in
        Custom Settings for the site.     

    1. Click Save button to save the site details and return to the list view. Click Save and add new button to save and add another site. If you wish to cancel the operation then click Cancel.

    Edit Site

    To edit a site,

    1. From the site list page, click the edit icon editicon beside the site which you wish to edit. The Edit Site page opens with the existing details.

    2. You can modify all the fields in this page. Click Save to save the modified changes. Click Save and Add New to save and add another site.

    Delete Site

    To delete site,

    1. In the Site List page, click the delete icondeleteicon beside the site which you wish to delete. A confirmation dialog appears

    2. Click Ok to proceed. The site gets deleted from the list of available sites.

    Change Default Site

    To change default site,

    1. Select an account from the account combo.

    2. Click on Change Default Site link.

    3. A popup will be opened which will allow you to change the default site.



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