Adding New Impact


    Impact is a measure of the business criticality of an Incident or a Problem. Impact is often measured by the number of people or systems affected. By default you have four Impact details listed in the list view.


    To add new Impact,

    1. Log in to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using the user name and password of an admin user.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the Helpdesk block, click the HelpDesk Customizer iconhelpdesk-customizer. This opens the Configuration Wizard page.

    4. Click the Impact link at the left side of the page under the HelpDesk block. This opens the Impact page.

    5. Click New Impact link on the top right hand side of the page. This opens the Add impact details page.

    6. Specify the Name of the impact in the given text field.

    7. Specify the detailsabout the impact in the given Description field.

    8. Save the changes.

    9. Click the Save and add new button to save the Impact and add another Impact.












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