Resolution Template

    Resolution templates can be created to handle repeated requests with the same solution. The solutions of frequently raised requests, such as printer configuration can be made into a Resolution Template. Thus the technicians need not type the same resolution repeatedly for the request raised.

    To open the configuration page for resolution template, go to Admin Helpdesk > Resolution Template to open the Resolution Template list page.


    Add New Template

    1. Click New Template button to open the Add-Resolution Template form.

    2. Specify a unique name for the template in the Name text field.

    3. Enter the resolution in the Description text field. Both the Name and Description are mandatory fields.  

    4. You can mark this template as inactive by enabling the check box beside Mark as InActive. The inactive template is marked in grey and does not get listed in the resolution template drop-down while resolving a request.

    5. Click Save. To save and add another resolution template, click Save and Add New.

    Editing a Resolution Template

    1. In the Resolution Template list page, click on the Edit icon  beside the template you wish to edit.

    2. In the Edit Resolution Template form, modify the required changes mentioned while adding the resolution.

    3. Click Update. Even while editing, if you wish to add a new resolution template, then click Update and add new button. At any point you wish to cancel the operation that you are performing, click Cancel.

    Deleting a Resolution Template

    1. In the Resolution Template list page, select the check box beside the template you wish to delete.

    2. Click the Delete button. A confirmation message appears. Click Ok to continue. The resolution template gets deleted from the list.




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