Task Template


    Certain tasks need to be repeated by the technicians for different users and scenarios. With Task Template, repeated tasks can be pre defined thus saving time on creating and assigning tasks to the technicians. Task Template can be applied while adding tasks to a request, problem or change.    

    To open the configuration page for task template,

    1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP application using your username and password.

    2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

    3. In the helpdesk block, click Helpdesk Customize icon helpdesk-customizer. The configuration wizard page opens.

    4. Click Task Template on the left hand side of the page in the helpdesk block. The list of available task templates is displayed.


    Add Task Template

    1. Click New Template button to open the Add-Task Template form.

    2. Specify a unique name for the task in Template Name text field. It is a mandatory field.

    3. Specify the Title of the task in the field. It is a mandatory field.

    4. Enter a brief Description of the task in the provided field.

    5. Select the Owner of the task from the drop down list.

    6. Select the Status of the task, say Open or Closed,  from the drop down list.  

    7. Specify relevant comments for handling the tasks in the Comments text field.

    8. You can mark the template as inactive on selecting the check box beside Mark Template as Inactive. The inactive template is marked in grey and do not get listed in the Add task form while adding tasks to requests, problem or change.

    9. Click Save. To save and add another task, click Save and Add New.


    Editing a Template

    1. In the task template list view page, click on the Edit icon editicon beside the template you wish to edit.

    2. In the Edit-Task Template form, modify the changes mentioned while adding the task template.

    3. Click Update. While editing, if you wish to add a new Task Template click Update and Add New button. At any point, if you wish to cancel the operation you are performing, click Cancel.


    Deleting a Template

    1. In the task template list view page, select the check box beside the template you wish to delete.

    2. Click the Delete button. A confirmation message appears. Click Ok to continue. The task template is deleted from the list.  



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